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Category: Latest News

Top 5 Tips on How To Use A Meat Cleaver

Meat cleavers are a quintessential kitchen necessity. However, many people stay clear of using meat cleavers due to a lack of knowledge of how to use it safely and effectively….

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5 Top Tips For Sharpening Knives With A Knife Sharpener

Knives are essential culinary tools in any kitchen. A sharp knife is not only essential to make clean cuts but is also necessary from a safety point of view. But…

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Top tips when using a meat thermometer

Meat thermometers are an essential part of cooking. One of the most primary reasons why you should consider investing in one is food safety. It is necessary to eat perfectly…

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Top Tips when using BBQ Rubs

Are you a fan of barbeque dishes? Remember to rub the spices the right way to transform the normal meat, fish, and veggies into lip-smacking culinary creations. Read our expert…

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You can now buy Bigwig Jerky using Afterpay

Good news for all our customers (and potential customers) that love to shop using Afterpay, you can now buy your favourite beef jerky via Afterpay. Over the last few months…

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Fathers Day bundle packs now available

It’s that time of the year where you get to shower the father figure in your life with praise and lots of goodies. This year the team at Bigwig Jerky…

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Big months ahead for Bigwig Jerky

As the temperature starts to drop, it signals the start of the autumn/winter BBQ Festival season. This provides a great opportunity for Bigwig Jerky to get out amongst the punters…

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How To Make The Best Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a delicious, protein-rich, and energizing snack every workout enthusiast and meat lover have tried at least once. Whether are you fond or not too much into dried…

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The History Of Beef Jerky

What has become a staple in many household pantries or road trip bags around Australia, beef jerky started from humble origins. Now, it is a favoured snack to enjoy for…

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