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About Bigwig Jerky Co

Bigwig Jerky Co. is the story of a man and his love for all things beef jerky! We don’t use family recipes handed down from generation to generation, we simply tested time and time again numerous recipes gathered from books, magazines and the Internet til we (and all our family and friends) were finally happy with the result.

Bigwig Jerky Co. uses 100% Australian beef to produce quality, full flavoured jerky perfect for a healthy snack alternative. Founded in 2012, while only still very young, Bigwig Jerky Co. is ready to take the Australian Jerky scene by storm with their creative flare and fresh new approach to all things beef jerky.

For years beef jerky has been confined to small packets, hidden away at the back of deli counters and highway truckstops. Packaging has always been basic and overall brand awareness and product awareness in general has been nearly non existant. To this day there are huge numbers of people who have never tried beef jerky, and we feel sorry for them. It is for this reason, and several more, that Bigwig Jerky Co. has come about.

We believe everyone should have a great experience with jerky, whether it be their first time, or they are seasoned veterans of the meaty treat.


Based in Brisbane, the Bigwig Jerky Co. team aim to boost the appeal of beef jerky and make it the main choice of snack for those looking for a health alternative to chips and other junk foods. Being high in protein, low in fat and carbs, jerky is perfect for everyday consumption by men, women, and even children. Our forward thinking team, is set for the challenge and have a wealth of experience in marketing and sales, product branding and promotions. Best of all, we all believe in our product and truly love eating and enjoying beef jerky.

At Bigwig Jerky Co. we have set ourself some big targets, and with a lot of hard work and your support we hope to reach these goals. Not only do we want to continue to provide our customers we great tasting quality beef jerky, we aim to create a range of unique jerky recipes never before seen or heard of in Australia. Flavours that will put jerky on the fine foods map! Beef jerky specifically made for a range of different events/situations, from beers with mates, or a fine glass of wine and cheese with your girlfriends parents.

If you have any suggestions for Bigwig Jerky Co., whether it be jerky recipe ideas, sales, or even community sponsorship opportunities, we would be happy to hear from you. Click here to contact us


A message from our Founder – Matt Ascough

I feel that in order to succeed in any business, you really need to have a passion for it. Without that passion it makes going to work undesireable and that will reflect in the product itself. Bring the passion to the workplace and not only will productivity increase amongst workers but also the quality of the products. This is the attitude I take with Bigwig Jerky, and any business I am involved in. The jerky industry is on the move, with jerky popularity increasing every year. It’s been a fun ride with even more opportunities on the horizon and our succuss to date I put down to our consistant product, customer service and our loyal customers. So I thank you all very much and look forward to growing the business with your support.

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