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Got a question about Bigwig Jerky?

Have a read below and see if any of the following answers help you out.

What type of meat do you use?

We use only the leanest quality topside beef we can find! We hand trim all the fat off so you get only the best jerky

Do you add any preservatives?

All our jerky is 100% preservative free! We do not add any preservatives to our jerky such as Nitrites and Nitrates which are found in many other jerky products.

How long will Bigwig Jerky last for?

Our jerky has a best before date of 6 months. Due to the low water content and ingredients used it may in fact last a lot longer, but just stick to the best before date and you will be fine 🙂 It is rare that our jerky isn’t eaten within a few hours of purchase 😉

Is Bigwig Jerky good for me?

Our jerky is high in protein, low in fat and sugars, meaning it is a great healthy snack for all occasions. Like any great food it’s best to enjoy in moderation.

How do you make your jerky?

Firstly we trim the meat of all the fat and slice into nice even width strips. The meat is then marinated in our special recipes for a minimum of 48 hours before being dried in our air dryers. We make all our jerky ourselves at our shop in Brisbane.

Where can I buy some Bigwig Jerky

All our jerky is available for sale via our website (which you are on).  For a full list of stockists click here

How do I become a distributor of Bigwig Jerky products?

If you would like to become a Bigwig Jerky Wholesaler then please contact us for more information and pricing – [email protected]

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