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Author: bigwigjerky

Top 5 Tips on How To Use A Meat Cleaver

Meat cleavers are a quintessential kitchen necessity. However, many people stay clear of using meat cleavers due to a lack of knowledge of how to use it safely and effectively….

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5 Top Tips For Sharpening Knives With A Knife Sharpener

Knives are essential culinary tools in any kitchen. A sharp knife is not only essential to make clean cuts but is also necessary from a safety point of view. But…

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Top tips when using a meat thermometer

Meat thermometers are an essential part of cooking. One of the most primary reasons why you should consider investing in one is food safety. It is necessary to eat perfectly…

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Top Tips when using BBQ Rubs

Are you a fan of barbeque dishes? Remember to rub the spices the right way to transform the normal meat, fish, and veggies into lip-smacking culinary creations. Read our expert…

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Tips on using a dehydrator to make beef jerky

Dehydration has been an age-old process that revolves around food preservation, where the moisture is eliminated from the food. These foods can either be consumed in their dry state or…

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First and Second place at Brisbane Brewsvegas Jerky Comp. for Bigwig Jerky

Recently Brisbane played host to Brewsvegas, a 10 day tribute to all things craft beer and tasty food. Held at various bars and pubs throughout Brisbane, BOSC at West End…

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