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Category: Jerky Facts

Is Beef Jerky Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Beef jerky has long been hailed as a favourite snack among humans, revered for its savoury flavour and convenient, on-the-go packaging. However, as pet owners, we often find ourselves wondering…

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Different styles of beef jerky from around the world

Jerky might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word food or travel but it is something that is popular around the world. Beef…

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Eating Beef Jerky on a Keto Diet

Before we get right into it, What is a keto diet? The main goal of this well-liked eating style is to increase your body’s capacity for weight loss. According to…

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What do they call beef jerky in Australia?

Beef Jerky is something that tastes great and can be eaten anywhere. But what do they call beef jerky in Australia? In this blog we will find out what they…

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What’s the difference between biltong and beef jerky?

Biltong and beef jerky are two different products, but they’re so similar that most people don’t even know the difference. Basically, they are both dried meat, and they taste similar…

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Beef Jerky on TV: TV shows and movies which have featured beef jerky.

Beef jerky has been in so many tv shows that it’s tough to name them all. But some of the shows that beef jerky was in was the following: The…

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The best cuts of beef for making jerky

Here are some of the best cuts of beef for making jerky Whether you are making jerky at home or you are looking to start your own beef jerky business,…

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Tips for Proper Storage of your Homemade Jerky

Winter is coming, and it’s a good time to stock up on the wonderful thing that is beef jerky. Now, if you are going to make lot of jerky, you…

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History of Beef Jerky

We all know that the main reason for making jerky out of meats is for preservation through the process of drying or dehydrating to extend the lifespan of the food…

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