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Our Pick of the Best Weber Q BBQ In Australia

Choosing the right Weber Q for You

When you’re on the search for the perfect BBQ, you have a lot on your plate to consider. One brand you can’t go wrong with is Weber. Weber is a brand recognized worldwide for their wide range of BBQ options, with appliances ranging from built-in models to more compact options. They currently produce three ranges of barbecues: the Weber Q, the Weber Charcoal, and the Weber Premium Gas. Within each range, there’s a series of BBQ models of different sizes and purposes.
Here, we’re going to dive into reviews of your best barbecue options within each range, checking essential factors like features and prices. With these reviews, you can be assured of finding the right Weber BBQ for you. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Weber Q Barbecue Range in Australia

The Weber Q range is arguably the brand’s most popular line. With the convenience of being gas-powered and a great versatility of use, the Q series is hard to beat. With their 5-year limited warranty tacked on all series, it makes the deal that much sweeter.

Best Weber Q Barbecue Australia Comparisons [2022]

ModelModel #Overall RatingWeightReview
weber baby qWeber Q 1000 (Baby Q)8kgWeber Baby Q ReviewCHECK PRICE
weber q seriesWeber Q Series13kgWeber Q ReviewCHECK PRICE
weber q familyWeber Family Q34kgWeber Family Q ReviewCHECK PRICE
Weber BBQ Portable Cart Trolley Stand5kgn/aCHECK PRICE
Weber (Weber) Q1000 series grill cover204gn/aCHECK PRICE
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Weber Family Q Series

Within the Family Q series, there are three options:

  • Option 1: Weber Family Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG
  • Option 2: Weber Family Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG
  • Option 3: Weber Family Q – LPG, NG

The family series is comprised of a more powerful selection of barbecues. Each model listed provides 21,700 BTU output per hour. Just like the other series within the Weber Q range, the Family line models are made with aluminium bodies, cast iron grills, and cool-to-the-touch handles. These models also feature the thermoset work surfaces that swing out from the sides in addition to a patio card and holder for tools.

The first two options are 141 cm tall and 140 cm wide (with tables out) at a weight of about 35 kg. The only major difference between the classic Family Q and the Premium model is the electronic igniter and thermometer included.

Weber Q Series

The Weber Q Series features two options:

  • Option 1: Weber Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG
  • Option 2: Weber Q Premium – $439 for titanium LPG, $449 for black LPG, $469 for titanium NG, $479 for black NG

The Weber Q Premium is designed similarly to the Baby Q Premium option. However, it has a much higher output per hour (12,000 BTU per hour as compared to 8500 BTU). In addition, the Weber Q options have swing-out work surfaces made in thermoset material, so you can have a little extra space while you’re on the grill.

Both the Weber Q and the Premium version come in either LP gas or natural gas. They come with one stainless steel burner. It’s a slightly larger model than the Baby Q series, making it heavier to carry as well.

Primarily, you’ll notice a difference between the Weber Q and its premium counterpart. The premium model has a thermometer, but the original version does not. The premium also comes with an electric igniter.

Weber Baby Q Series

Within the Baby Q series, there are two models:

  • Option 1: Baby Q – titanium, black
  • Option 2: Baby Q Premium – titanium, black or red

If you’re looking for a good option to pack up and take with you camping, or for something versatile and easy to set up, the Baby Q models are perfect. The Baby Q Premium has a small size of 39cm x 69cm, weighing in at just 11.25 kg. Even though it’s quite compact, it still comes with several features like an infinite control burner that’s easy to read, a control knob, cool-to-touch handle, nylon frame reinforced with glass, durable aluminum lid, rust-resistant cast iron split grills, and a removable drip tray.

One thing to keep in mind with the Baby Q series is that it only has one stainless steel Q burner that runs at 8,500 BTU per hour output. This means that if you need to barbecue a lot of food at once, you may need a larger model.

Overall a great little device you can’t look past especially at the current price. Grab one today and try it for yourself.

weber q

Choosing the best Weber q for Australia: Buyers Guide

Weber makes a wide range of BBQ’s so the choice can be quite overwhelming at first. Being so popular, many people have multiple Weber BBQ’s each with it’s different style of cooking (ie, Gas vs Coal)

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of Weber BBQs.


There are three series within the charcoal range of models. This includes the portable series, kettle series, and smoker series. This range is a great option for a backyard barbecue and comes with a very convenient cleaning system. You also get a nice 10-year warranty to secure peace of mind.


All of these are made with porcelain enamel lids and bowls with chrome cooking grills and reinforced glass handles. They are all pretty similar in size, except the Jumbo Joe model, which sits at 50 cm x 52 cm x 50 cm. The Go-Anywhere and Jumbo Joe models also feature no-rust vents and lid locks to make carrying easier.


  • Weber Compact Kettle
  • Weber Ranch
  • Weber Original Kettle
  • Weber Performer Kettle
  • Weber Performer Premium Kettle
  • Weber Original Premium Kettle
  • Weber Original Premium Kettle with Gourmet Barbecue System Grill
One of the largest series in the Weber range, the Kettle options sit in the middle of the spectrum of price. They offer no-rust vents, chrome-plated grills, and porcelain enamel bowls and lids. In premium models, the traditional open ash catcher has been replaced with a removable saucepan that boasts a special cleaning system. They also use specialty charcoal fuel holders.
If you’re looking for traditional BBQ, the compact Kettle model may be perfect. However, if you’re looking for something a little more gourmet, you should opt for a Performer Kettle BBQ option. If you want an extravagant grilling experience, the Weber Ranch option can give it to you.


  • 57cm Smokey Mountain Cooker
  • 37cm Smokey Mountain Cooker
  • 47cm Smokey Mountain Cooker
All the options in this range are quite similar with the exception of the sizes. Each model is made with a porcelain enamel bowl and lid as well as no-rust vents. There are also not one, but two chrome-plated grills. They use rust-resistant front doors, porcelain enamel water pans, and glass-reinforced handles. Simply choose your option based on the cooking space you need.


Within the Premium Gas range, there are three series:
  • Spirit
  • Genesis II
  • Genesis II LX
These are high-quality gas ranges made with premium materials and featuring a 10-year warranty on all.


The Spirit series features several options ranging from $849-$1359. Depending on how much you want to spend and what you’re looking to get out of the range, you can choose accordingly.
The E-310 Premium, E-330 Premium and E-310 all have three stainless steel burners. The 210 models just have two. The number of burners you’ll want will depend on the number of people you typically cook for. The entire series has great features like a crossover ignition, porcelain hoods, porcelain cast iron grills, and cast-iron hotplates. You also get a commercial-grade thermometer, storage area, and “flavorizer.” As a bonus, a tool holder and quick disconnect hose come included.


For the purposes of this article, we’re combining these two series into one to give you the best overview. These options run from $1299-$2719. What makes this line so special are the four burner tubers, tuck away warming rack, and flavorizer bar. There’s also a “fat management” system that helps to separate any excess fat away from the burners for safety.
The II LX series is a bit taller with some more cooking space provided. You’ll also get some more burning power per hour and a rotisserie included in the E440 model.


Weber makes grilling easy. Because of features like their infinite control burner and thermometer, even someone new to grilling can easily figure out their way around a Weber BBQ. Techniques to work each grill will vary by model, but each grill comes with an easy series of steps to help you get started on your grilling journey.


Running costs will depend on the kind of grill you have and the power output. While using a gas grill will run you a slightly lower cost per cookout (about $1.00 per cookout based on propane costs) as compared to a charcoal grill, you must also consider the price to purchase the grills in the first place. It also depends on what kind of charcoal, propane, or wood you use to fuel your grill.


Weber was founded by George Stephen in 1952, when he invented the kettle grill. At the time, he was working at his family metal works company when he was inspired by the shape of a buoy. This led to the invention of a grill that forever changed the way we cook.
He used this innovative mindset as a foundation for his company, and innovation has been a guiding principle throughout the years with each new product rollout. With unique features and products like a Flavorizer Bar, iGrill app technology, and specialty briquettes made specifically for Weber grills, you can see that the company continues to innovate and turn out exceptional products every time, from Weber Q accessories to bigger and better grills.


As a high-end brand with multiple ranges for BBQ grills, Weber is constantly coming out with new series and grills. The best part of this is that they frequently roll out discounts and offer deals on both older and newer models. To get a BBQ grill for that perfect summertime fun and cookout, check the prices on your favourite Weber grill today!


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