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Our Pick of the Best Meat Slicer

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HEALTHY CHOICE 200-watt Electric food slicer motor |meat slicer, bacon slicer, food slicer | stainless steel blade | easy to clean

If you are making jerky at home, or even in a commercial kitchen, there is one part of the process that takes a lot of time, and that is slicing the meat.

When making jerky, it is also vital that each piece is cut consistantly with the same thickness, this will ensure that the meat will dry evenly.

There are range of meat slicers on the market, but which one is ideal for making jerky?


The majority of meat slicers are built and function the same way. There aren’t a lot of differences, but in this guide we will look at several important things to consider when purchasing a meat slicer :

  • size
  • material it is made of
  • warranty
  • ease of cleaning
  • cost

In this article we will review a range of meat slicers for jerky readily available on the market today.


ModelModel #Overall RatingUsageCut ThicknessReview
meat slicerHEALTHY CHOICE 200-watt Electric food slicerHome0-15mmReviewCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
meat slicerJIAN YA NA 220V 150kg/h Multi-functional Commercial Meat SlicerCommercial3.5 mmReviewCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
meat slicerTodo 200W Electric Food Slicer Meat SlicerHome0-15mmReviewCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
meat slicerTramontina Australia 12 Inch Stainless Steel Brisket Meat SlicerHomen/aReviewCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
meat slicerWeston Manual Jerky SlicerHomeReviewCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


HEALTHY CHOICE 200-watt Electric food slicer motor |meat slicer, bacon slicer, food slicer | stainless steel blade | easy to clean

If you are looking for an entry level, easy to use meat slicer, you can’t go past this unit. It’s simple to use and more importantly clean up at the end of days meat slicing. The adjustable blade thickness makes it ideal for slicing not only meat but other products. One tip if slicing meat for jerky, is to first freeze the meat slightly. This will make it easier to cut and you will get more consistant thicknesses. This unti is ok for small general use, but can be tiresome when slicing alot of meat.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Can cut a variety of food from meats such as beef and bacon and also fruit
  • Slice thickness adjustment – select the desired thickness of each slice 0 – 15mm
  • Powerful 200watt motor
  • Detachable so it’s easier to clean

JIAN YA NA 220V 150kg/h Multi-functional Commercial Meat Slicer Vegetable Cutting machine

If you are serious about making jerky, or need sliced meat and vegetables for a restaurant, then this unit is ideal. With the ability to slice 150kg/hour, you will be able to increase your jerky production instantly. The units can be purchased with different blade sets so you can slice the meat to your desired thickness. The blade sets are removable for cleaning which is a must have – trust me! I still use a unit that is a pain to clean due to the blades not being removable.

  • Commercial great meat slicer
  • 70mm x 110mm inlet
  • Stainless steel body which is ideal for commercial operations and food safety
  • Blade sets are removable for ease of cleaning
  • Different blade dimensions available for different sized meat slices
  • Motor is completely enclosed so is waterproof and safe

Todo 200W Electric Food Slicer Meat Slicer

Much like the Healthy Choice unit, the Todo meat slicer is a pretty typical benchtop meat slicer. These types of units probably all come from the same factory and are just rebranded. In saying that, it has all the features you would expect and want from a meat slicer.

  • Made from quality Aluminium Housing.
  • Large Stainless Steel Blade.
  • Powerful 200W Motor.
  • Adjustable Thickness of slices 1mm – 15mm.
  • Built in blade guard for safety
  • Easy to Clean

Tramontina Australia 12 Inch Stainless Steel Brisket Meat Slicer

tramontina 12 inch jerky slicing knife

When slicing meat by hand it helps to have a knife with a long blade. This is especially important when slicing meat to make beef jerky. A long knife will ensure your slices are as straight as possible and an even thickness. The 12 inch blade on the Tramontina knife makes it the perfect blade for slicing large topsides as well as slow cooked meats like brisket.

The blade is made from German stainless steel so it won’t get rusty any time soon, is dishwasher safe and has antibacterial handles.

If you are looking for a relatively cheap knife for slicing jerky and also other meats then this one is perfect.

Weston Realtree Edge 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer & Cuber/Tenderizer

Weston Jerky Slicer

The Weston Slicer is a great manual hand powered slicer that will give you perfectly even strips of meat ideal for making jerky. If hand cutting is getting tiresome and you want to up your jerky game, then this is the perfect benchtop unit. First just cut your meat into manageable pieces and then drop them in the top of the slicer. A few cranks of the handle and ta-da, perfect even slices of meat ready to marinate.

The slicer is made from stainless steel so will last a long time and the blades can easily be removed for cleaning! This is something that you should really consider, as many other slicers can be a pain to clean. The blades can also be swapped out for a different set which will allow you to cube your meat for other purposes – in case you want to make a nice chunky beef stew or curry.

Overall, a step up from using a knife, but not quite as quick and time saving as an electric slicer.

meat slicer


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