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How to make beef jerky

So you are looking to dabble in the art of making your own beef jerky. So where do you start?

The good thing about making beef jerky is there is no SET recipe to adhere to, and this is what makes it great. There is such a wide range of jerky products on the market, each with their own style, so depending on how you like your jerky, will depend on what recipe you use.

The best beef jerky ingredients

There are several core ingredients that should be used when making beef jerky. These include:

  1. Lean Beef
  2. Salt
  3. Soy Sauce
  4. Vinegar

With these 4 ingredients you can then add a wide range of spices and sauce to further enhance your jerky flavour. Such ingredients include:

  1. Pepper
  2. Onion (minced or powder)
  3. Garlic (minced or powder)
  4. Chilli
  5. Cumin
  6. Coriander
  7. Worcestershire Sauce
  8. Brown Sugar
  9. Lime Juice
  10. Tomato Paste

The jerky making process

Firstly, you need to prepare the meat…

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